Spare Parts

Our products come with long term support - In the unlikely event you encounter a problem -- you will have unlimited access to professional help from Aussie Campers P/L Australia.

If ever needed spare parts are available for the RainMan Hot Camp Shower, Jimmy's Thunderbox Portable Toiletand our Gas Guards - For more information  Contact us

RainMan camp shower spare parts list   

A   Handle
B   Spindle
C   Spring
D   Locking nut & spindle guide
E   Spring
F   Piston
G   Piston rubber O ring
H   Piston O ring retainer
I    Nylox nut
J   Rubber valve
K   Flat rubber sealing washer
L   Pump body
M   Variable flow showerhead
N   Telescopic pipe system
O   Rubber O ring
P   Retaining nut

Camp shower spare parts image

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